• Let's Face It

    We've All Been There. Yeast Infections That Keep Coming Back, BV That Keeps You Hiding In Your Bedroom... It's The Most Uncomfortable And Confusing Feeling, Ever.

    After Working Alongside Prominent Gynecologists In New Jersey And Seeing The Same Patients Coming In With The Same Issues Over And Over Again, I Realized That Something Had To Give. I Knew First Hand How Feeling Out Of Control Of Your Own Vaginal Health Can Take A Huge Toll On Your Self-Confidence And Overall Wellbeing And I Wanted To Be The One To Introduce A Long-Term Solution For Such A Prevalent Problem In The World Of Feminine Health.

    In 2018, A Trip To Colombia Introduced Me To An Herb That Will Change The Feminine Wellness Game Forever. During My 4-Month Stay In Colombia I Used A Calendula Based Feminine Product That Alleviated My Monthly Chronic Yeast Infections And Changed My Vagina Forever (LOL, But Seriously). That's When I Made The Decision To Introduce Calendula To The World And Change The Feminine Wellness Market Forever. And That's What I Did. Thankfully, Now Hundreds Of Women Are Getting To Experience The Healing Benefits Of Calendula And Are Experiencing Another Chance At Unconditional Self-Love.

    Welcome To Vaginal Wellness.

    With Love,