How Often Should I Clean My Vulva?

How Often Should I Clean My Vulva?

So, this question comes up a lot. There are a lot of mixed information on how frequently one should clean their vulva, like what products to use, and how to keep their pH balance in check. 

Well- although the real answer is unique to you, our recommendation is at least 1x daily using your hand to lather an organically scented/unscented pH balanced mild soap, spreading the labias to lather the area around the vulva. We like foaming products much more than we like gels because they are gentler and cover more surface area than most gels. In addition to washing your vulva, we recommended using a feminine wipe at one point during your day as a pick me up. The goal here is to practice good hygiene so you can avoid issues such as infection, irritation, and odor..

In the circumstances where you are a little more active and the area becomes more susceptible to sweat or you are on your moon cycle, we recommend washing 2x a day in addition to using a wipe to keep yourself feeling fresh, because we know feeling funky is a real confidence killer.

The answer really comes down to what you’re comfortable with— whether you like washing more often or are comfortable with the old “one and done” method. I feel the most confident when I wash first thing in the morning before the gym to avoid any mustiness while sweating (cause honeey, believe me that’s always the first place that gets sweaty), then again once I shower, and finally a wipe as a little pick me up in the afternoon. This also makes me feel confident/ ready for any spontaneous events (ahem, ahem) throughout my day- if you catch my drift. 

So— moral of the story here is, whatever makes your kitty feel the sexiest and most confident works for us. There are no real rules to this game, but just make sure the method and frequency you use allows you to stay healthy, pH balanced without irritation and/ or strong odor. If you are experiencing these symptoms or any symptoms you’re not too sure about, please contact your OBGYN to make sure everything’s okay down there. 

Let us know what you think is the best method for you down below! We would love to hear it!

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